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Hi There and Welcome!

That’s me, Jamie. As a new mom, Registered Dietitian, Prenatal Nutritionist, and Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher, I am passionate about helping women feel confident in nourishing their bodies as they prepare for a healthy baby and healing their bodies post-baby with wholesome foods and self care.

As a prenatal nutritionist, I believe that every mom deserves access to evidence-based nutrition recommendations and so I am here to share that with you. Well Nourished Mamas is a space where I share evidence-based, easy to understand nutrition and general health information for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond! 

Nutrition not only plays a critical role throughout pregnancy, but before and after too! That is why Well Nourished Mamas focuses on providing recipe inspiration, nutrition information and more to support you throughout your entire motherhood journey.

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I am so grateful to be a part of your motherhood journey. Thanks for being here!