52 nourishing postpartum affirmations for the new mom

52 Nourishing Postpartum Affirmations for the New Mom

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The fourth trimester, otherwise known as the postpartum period, is a time when a woman transitions fully into motherhood. While this can be a positive experience for some, many women struggle with bonding or feeding their little one, have difficulty sleeping, or meeting their own basic needs during the postpartum period. Whether you have an easy or more challenging transition into motherhood, repeating postpartum affirmations to yourself during this time can help build a positive mindset and provide a host of benefits to both you and your baby.

Keep reading to learn more about what mom affirmations are, the benefits of affirmations for motherhood, key steps to building a positive mindset, how to use postpartum affirmations, and 52 postpartum affirmations to get you started on a nourishing motherhood journey!

Why use postpartum affirmations, my story

Motherhood is hard, and those first few months postpartum as you heal and nourish yourself while also nourishing and caring for a newborn can really take a toll on your overall well being, both physically and mentally. 

mom affirmations

While I had a positive early postpartum experience overall, that’s not to say I didn’t have my days. At the moment, I didn’t realize how much my mindset mattered to get me through some of those (very) long days. Reflecting back on those first three months of postpartum myself I see now how impactful repeating some of the below affirmations was for me.

Even with my supportive husband by my side, there were days I felt lonely and questioned my ability of being a good mother. I remember one day in particular when my husband came home to me tearful for  no reason with my little one sleeping soundly in my arms, and another when I was attempting to breastfeed her and she just wasn’t having it and I didn’t know what to do so I broke down and just cried. 

I used positive birth affirmations throughout pregnancy, and while trying to conceive too. So I thought to myself, why not use postpartum affirmations for motherhood too? Repeating some of the below positive postpartum affirmations helped me to rebuild my self confidence as a mother and boost my mood. 

I’m honored to now share some of them with you and other new moms too! My hope is that they inspire and motivate you to have a positive postpartum experience so that you can be your best self because you deserve to. 

What are affirmations?

An affirmation is a statement or sign that something is true. Positive affirmations are short and powerful phrases that are oftentimes repeated to oneself to encourage a positive mindset. They help us to shift our focus from negative to positive.

Mom affirmations

Affirmations can be used in a variety of settings for moms, from trying to conceive, throughout pregnancy and birth, all the way through postpartum. Using positive affirmations throughout your entire motherhood journey can help boost your mood and overall well being.

When you are having a tough day and a negative thought comes to mind, replace that thought with a positive affirmation. Consistency is key. Eventually all of the small positive self talk will build up and there won’t be room for anymore negativity!

You don’t need to reserve these affirmations only for bad days. Start each and every day with a positive affirmation.

5 benefits of affirmations for motherhood

Having a positive mindset can improve your overall sense of well being and build confidence, which can help you to overcome any negative self-talk or challenges as you care for your little one. When you start your day off in a positive way, you may feel more motivated to care for yourself, exercise, eat healthy, and crush your motherhood goals!

5 benefits of affirmations for mothers

5 Benefits of affirmations for motherhood include:

  1. Reduced Stress
  2. Increased motivation
  3. Overcome fears
  4. Boost confidence
  5. Develop a positive mindset

3 key steps to building a positive mindset

3 key steps to building a positive mindset

1. Acknowledge the bad days for what they are

We all have bad days, but what is most important is how we treat our bad days. Know that one bad day does not determine the rest of your week, month, year, or life. It does not determine your worth as a mother either. Rather than dwelling on the bad days, take a moment to reflect on what went wrong and how you can overcome it the next time it may appear. Obstacles, barriers, and challenges will come up, but you are stronger than them and you will persevere through! 

2. Surround yourself with positive people

Whether it be your friends, family, other mamas, or the barista from the coffee shop down the street… surround yourself with positive people to help boost your mood and be the best version of yourself! Motivate yourself to get out of your home and engage with others. There is strength in motherhood and strength in numbers: build your community!

3. Change up your self-talk

Talk to yourself the way you would your best friend. You would never tell your friend they look exhausted, that they are a bad mother for asking for help, or that they are a failure because they didn’t get all of the laundry done that day, would you? So why would you say those things to yourself? 

Be kind to yourself with the words roaming around in your head, and start filling your body and mind with encouraging and positive words! **see the positive mom affirmations below to help get you started!**

52 Positive Postpartum Affirmations

Below are 52 postpartum affirmations to nourish your body, mind and spirit throughout motherhood. Choose the ones that resonate most with you and repeat them to yourself regularly to see a positive change in your daily life.

**Pro tip: write these out on a post-it note and place them throughout your morning routine (on your nightstand, alarm clock, the bathroom mirror, your closet door, coffee machine, fridge, car mirror, etc!)

Uplifting postpartum affirmations for everyday

uplifting postpartum affirmations
  1. I am in charge of how I feel, and today I choose happiness.
  2. I am doing my best and that is always enough.
  3. Only my thoughts are my reality, I will focus on the good and the joyful and avoid the negative.
  4. I love myself deeply and completely.
  5. My feelings are valid.
  6. I choose to be kind to myself.
  7. I am beautifully and wonderfully made.
  8. Today I embrace all that I am.
  9. I turn away from judgement today.
  10. I release expectations of perfection.
  11. My day is filled with the limitless potential of joy, love, and happiness.
  12. I go through my day with ease.
  13. I have a balanced mind, body, and spirit.
  14. I surround myself with those who love, support, and respect me.

Affirmations for motherhood

affirmations for motherhood
  1. I give myself permission to do something to nurture me.
  2. I am allowed to ask for help as a mother, it does not make me a bad mother.
  3. Patience is the first lesson I am working on as a mother.
  4. My confidence as a mother grows stronger everyday.
  5. I am filled with a mother’s light of love, peace, and joy.
  6. I will take care of myself in order to take care of my child.
  7. The challenges that I face make me a stronger mother.
  8. Taking care of myself makes me a better mom.
  9. I fulfill my purpose as a mother.
  10. I trust my feelings and insights as a mother.
  11. My confidence as a mother grows everyday.
  12. I am more than just a mom.
  13. I prioritize self-care for me so I can be the best version of myself for my baby.
  14. Motherhood is part of me, not all of me.

Breastfeeding affirmations

breastfeeding affirmations
  1. My breast milk continuously adapts as my baby grows to meet his or her changing nutritional needs.
  2. I won’t give up, it gets easier.
  3. Breastmilk is liquid love for my baby.
  4. My baby and I are learning together.
  5. I am able to provide all of the nourishment my baby needs.
  6. It’s ok if my baby nurses frequently.

Positive postpartum body affirmations

positive postpartum body affirmations
  1. I made a human. I am a superhero.
  2. I am more than my body. I am strong; I am a mother.
  3. I honor my healing process.
  4. I am thankful for my body, it made a miracle.
  5. I am proud of my beautiful body.
  6. I love my body for all that it is and for all it has created.
  7. I am a warrior mama. My body is stronger than it has ever been before.

Postpartum affirmations for mom and child

affirmations for mom and child
  1. No one else can mother my baby better than me.
  2. I am doing the best for my baby, and it is enough.
  3. I am grateful for my beautiful children.
  4. My baby is being nourished by me.
  5. I am my child’s biggest comfort. No matter what I or the house looks like.
  6. I nourish myself and nourish my child.
  7. I am the most important influence on my child’s life.
  8. I am giving my children the best possible future.
  9. My love for my children is unconditional.
  10. I am creating positive, lifelong memories with my children.
  11. I respond to my baby’s cues confidently and without fear of the opinion of others.

It is my hope that these postpartum affirmations have brightened your day and inspired you to put some into practice so that you have a nourishing and positive postpartum journey.

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PS I’d love to hear – what is your favorite postpartum affirmation? Share with me in the comments below!

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